Be the First to Experience the Latest Features!

Thank you for wishing to join our community of testers. Your support is invaluable in shaping the future of our app. As a participant in this early adopters program, you are on the front lines of development, getting your hands on new features before they go live to the public. Here’s what you need to know:

New Features Are Coming Your Way!

As an early access member, you’ll get the exclusive opportunity to try new features and see how they can enhance your user experience. These updates may include cutting-edge enhancements, user interface improvements, and new tools that aim to make our app more powerful and user-friendly. By the way, you can request a new feature or vote for ideas on our Canny feedback page.

Bug Fixes

We’re continuously working to improve the stability and performance of our app. As a tester, you’ll receive updates that include the latest bug fixes, which may address issues that you or other users have reported. Your feedback on these fixes helps us verify the solutions and keep the app running smoothly.

A Note on Stability

We want to remind you that by using the early access version of our app, you may encounter some instabilities. The features you will be testing are in their final stages of development and haven’t been released to the general public for a reason—they may still have quirks that need ironing out.

What to Expect

  • Potential Bugs: Despite our best efforts, new updates can introduce unforeseen issues. We count on you to help us find and squash these bugs!
  • In-progress Features: Some features may feel incomplete or could change significantly before full release.
  • Frequent Updates: As we push out fixes and new features, expect regular updates to the app. Some of these may require you to update your test version to continue using the app.
  • Direct Support: You’ll have direct communication with our development team to report any issues or provide feedback, which means you’re a vital part of the development process.

Your Feedback Is Crucial

Remember, your feedback is what makes this program successful. Please report any bugs, share your thoughts on new features, and tell us how the app could be better. Your insight is what drives the app towards perfection.

You can report your feedback, features requests and issues by using:

Thank You for Your Commitment

We appreciate your dedication and are excited to see how you’ll help us improve. By participating in this early access program, you are not just a tester: you’re a pioneer.

Happy testing!

The Kobble Team